Stunt Driving

  • There are various forms of stunt driving. Once given a summons to appear in court has been issued you must appear in person on that date or a trial will be held in your absence and a conviction could follow. A few things you may not be aware of possible convictions are:

    - Stopping or obstructing another car from passing.

    - Driving seated in another position not in the driver's seat.

    - Operating a motor vehicle with passengers in the trunk.

    - Improper turning.

    If found guilty of any of these infractions the judge will impose a minimum fine ranging from $2000 to 10,000 and could face 6 months in jail. The judge may also impose a suspension of your driver's licence up to two years on a first offence and up to 10 years on a second offence. The ministry will impose a minimum of 6 demerit points..